Unique Ways To Host A Wedding Brunch

A majority of weddings are held during the afternoon or night, but a wedding brunch can open up new opportunities and options for couples. Along with easier access to wedding venues, couples can customize their meal options to incorporate breakfast. Traditional breakfast meals can be upgraded to add a touch of romance and elegance to any wedding day. If you're planning a wedding brunch, consider the following options to make the reception as memorable as possible.

Seven Ways To Enjoy Bacon With Your Chocolate

Chocolate is a dessert flavor. Bacon is a breakfast food. So why do these tastes go so perfectly together? It may be a mystery why these two types of foods combine blissfully on your tongue, but the results are undeniably delicious. In scientific terms, the National Center for Biotechnology Information explains how we as humans are drawn to fatty foods, especially if they contain salt and sugar as well, because they are good sources of carbohydrate energy that people needed back in the days of hunting and gathering.

7 Gorgeous Wine Accessories For The High Class Connoisseur

Escaping from stress can reset your mental status and even protect you from harmful health effects, like headaches, stomachaches and sleep disruptions. The ability to combat stress does not always come easily, however. Thankfully, even in small quantities, wine can transport you to a different time and place in an instant. The simple act of pouring yourself a glass and quietly experiencing the delicious flavor profiles of each variety can melt stress away.

A List Of Terms That You Might See On An Italian Menu

Hmmm, should you order the antipasto or the dolce? Do you want noodles that are served al dente? What the heck is a macchiato? Should you ask for a freddo beverage or request something lesso?   Do the sentences above describe how you feel every time you order Italian food? You're not alone. Many folks struggle to translate Italian terms into common American words, but it's easy to familiarize yourself with a few key phrases before you visit an Italian restaurant.