7 Gorgeous Wine Accessories For The High Class Connoisseur

Escaping from stress can reset your mental status and even protect you from harmful health effects, like headaches, stomachaches and sleep disruptions. The ability to combat stress does not always come easily, however. Thankfully, even in small quantities, wine can transport you to a different time and place in an instant. The simple act of pouring yourself a glass and quietly experiencing the delicious flavor profiles of each variety can melt stress away.  Adding exotically designed accessories to the mix further separates you from the hustle and bustle of life. Here are seven accessory ideas to accompany you on your wine retreat.

Artistic Corkscrew

There are many corkscrews on the market today, ranging from basic metal models to electric ones that buzz the bottle open. However, nothing beats a low tech corkscrew with a gorgeous carved wood handle. Look for one made with exotic wood inlays, like ebony, zebrawood or curly maple, for a truly unique talking piece.

Unique Decanter

A decanter not only puts your wine selection on display in the center of the table, it enhances the flavor profile considerably by aerating the mixture. Although the vase shape is most popular, you can find a glass decanter that resembles a globe, swan, French horn, coiled snake or magic lamp.

Tapas Trays

Serve yourself a glass of wine capped with a tapas tray to experience the magic of a fun getaway without leaving your home. Although traditional tapas were a simple slice of bread, a small wooden tray allows you to have nuts, olives or meat as a small snack instead. Tiny tapas plate designs range from beautifully carved wood to intricately painted ceramic.

Wine Glass Charms

Small, yet detailed wine glass charms dress up stemware perfectly. The small charm displays a unique design or inspirational quote on the front surface. The circular hook hangs onto the stem while the charm rests on the base of the glass. You can select a charm that reflects your current outlook or future aspirations to instantly turn around your mood.  

Wine Tasting Tool

If you like to catch all of the finer nuances in each glass of wine, you may struggle a bit upon coming across varieties high in tannins. This natural strong flavor has a hint of bitterness that can mask light flavors in your wine. Thankfully, you can use a tasting tool to cut the tannin taste back considerably. You only need to dip the metal end of this tool into your glass of wine for a few seconds to reveal the masked flavors.

Bottle Stopper

As you pour a few servings of wine into your decanter, you may want to preserve the natural taste of the wine left in the bottle. You can accomplish that feat by plugging the top with a glass, wood or metal stopper. Stoppers also add a decorative touch to your wine bottles waiting off to the side. Look for turned wood or blown glass stoppers for a truly artistic touch.

Decorative Cork Catcher

Wine corks often include information that tells the story of your journey through the world of wine. If you want to save them in style, grab yourself an interesting cork catcher to display near your bottle collection. Cork catchers are usually empty metal cages shaped like iconic buildings, instruments or symbols. As the catcher fills with corks, you may notice the overall design of that piece fill out beautifully.

As you complement your wine collection with these accessories, you may find yourself looking forward to relaxing with a glass even more often than ever before. Make the experience even sweeter by inviting friends over to share your collection and joy for this hobby. To learn more about wine accessories, visit http://www.bellavitabags.com/.