Seven Ways To Enjoy Bacon With Your Chocolate

Chocolate is a dessert flavor. Bacon is a breakfast food. So why do these tastes go so perfectly together? It may be a mystery why these two types of foods combine blissfully on your tongue, but the results are undeniably delicious. In scientific terms, the National Center for Biotechnology Information explains how we as humans are drawn to fatty foods, especially if they contain salt and sugar as well, because they are good sources of carbohydrate energy that people needed back in the days of hunting and gathering. Today the combination of bacon and chocolate does not exactly create a health food, but it can be delicious. Here are some ways the two flavors can come together. 

Bacon and Chocolate Cupcakes

Cupcake bakeries are enjoying a season of popularity, and the trend within the trend is bacon. Many cupcake professionals are adding bacon flavor to their chocolate cupcakes, and the results are flying off the shelves. Cupcakes are often garnished with a little piece of candy bacon on top of rich, chocolate icing. 

Bacon Candy Bar

The bacon candy bar is becoming a staple of gourmet chocolatiers around the world. These gourmet chocolates are usually traditional chocolate bars with some added bacon flavor and dotted with tiny, crunchy pieces of bacon. 

Some twists on the chocolate bacon bar include the addition of nuts or caramel. The whole thing can also be dipped in a second coating of chocolate just to add another layer of tasty decadence. 

Maple Bacon Milkshake

It's a heavenly breakfast treat when your bacon gets mixed up in the maple syrup from your pancakes. You can recreate that culinary experience in a maple bacon milkshake. These milkshakes usually involve vanilla ice cream with bits of bacon, but substitute chocolate ice cream for a real flavor explosion. 

Bacon Chocolate Cheesecake

This may just be the most decadent desert you encounter in your life. It starts with rich, creamy cheesecake with bold chocolate flavor. Salty candied bacon is then sprinkled on top. The result will have you lost in a world of bacon and chocolate goodness. 

Chocolate and Bacon Chip Cookies

What is yummier than chocolate chip cookies warm and fresh from the oven? The smell alone is enough to have most fans of chocolate drooling onto their plates. Take the classic cookie experience a step further by adding small pieces of bacon to the cookie batter when you add the chocolate chips. Make it even sweeter by candy coating the bacon by cooking it in sugar before crumbling. This move exponentially increases the yum factor. 

Bacon and Chocolate Pretzels

You can make simple treats to bring to a party or for an indulgent night at home with thick pretzel sticks, melted chocolate and crumbled bacon pieces. Simply dip one end of the pretzel stick in the chocolate and roll in bacon crumbles. Allow it to cool and you have a hand-held treat that you can use to delight guests of all ages or just keep for yourself. The crunchy, salty sweetness satisfies every craving. 

Chocolate Covered Bacon

There is only one choice for chocolate and bacon purists, and that is chocolate covered bacon. This treat is simply pieces of crisp bacon dipped in either milk or dark chocolate and left to cool. The result is a crispy mixture of sweet, salt and fat that is a chocolate bacon lover's idea of perfection. 

Chocolate and bacon are two tastes that don't seem to complement each other at first glance but that combine to form a real treat for those with a passion for culinary adventure. Try these delicious desserts for a tasty experience that might just change the way you categorize foods.