Benefits Of Box Lunch Catering

Sometimes, the only time you can schedule a meeting when everyone can attend is during a meal break. When this happens, you should provide some type of meal for everyone. While you are discussing things, people can be eating. The problem is, what to serve. You could have a catering company bring in a buffet style meal so people can choose what they want to eat, but there is an even better option.

Ways To Wow Guests With A Simple Bottle Of Wine

Planning a party or get-together? Serve wine! Some ways to wow your guests when serving wine are: Aerate. Show off your skills with wine by properly aerating a bottle when you open it in front of guests. Aerating wine helps provide oxygen and brings wine to its peak flavor, but don't aerate too long or you will miss the finest moments of your bottle. For instance, older red wines may not require any aeration after opening, but reds under eight years of age should be opened and aerated for an hour or two.

3 Reasons To Bake Potato Buns

Most people think that bread plays a critical role in every meal. Whether it's toast in the morning, sandwich bread for lunch, or a roll at the dinner table, having bread available can help you easily enhance any meal. When you make the choice to bake your own bread items, it can be beneficial to put potato buns on your menu. Here are three reasons why choosing potato buns can help you have a more favorable baking experience.

A List Of Terms That You Might See On An Italian Menu

Hmmm, should you order the antipasto or the dolce? Do you want noodles that are served al dente? What the heck is a macchiato? Should you ask for a freddo beverage or request something lesso?   Do the sentences above describe how you feel every time you order Italian food? You're not alone. Many folks struggle to translate Italian terms into common American words, but it's easy to familiarize yourself with a few key phrases before you visit an Italian restaurant.

4 Things You Must Do When Budgeting For Restaurant Repairs

One of the most important aspects of any restaurant is creating and managing an effective maintenance budget. Typically during an economic downturn, these allow you to keep an eye on how your equipment is performing and where repairs have to be made. Too many restaurant owners fail to track this properly, resulting in some sticky times that require small business loans to be taken. However, you can avoid this entirely by practicing proper budget control for maintenance and repairs.