3 Reasons To Bake Potato Buns

Most people think that bread plays a critical role in every meal. Whether it's toast in the morning, sandwich bread for lunch, or a roll at the dinner table, having bread available can help you easily enhance any meal. When you make the choice to bake your own bread items, it can be beneficial to put potato buns on your menu.

Here are three reasons why choosing potato buns can help you have a more favorable baking experience.

1. Potato buns can rise faster than their counterparts.

Baking your own bread is a process that requires a tremendous amount of patience. In order for your baked items to turn out as tasty as possible, you need to let your bread dough rise. Waiting for conventional bread dough to rise can take a significant amount of time.

If you find that you need to have baked bread ready to go as quickly as possible, then making the choice to whip up a batch of potato buns can be beneficial. The potatoes that you add to your dough contain potassium, which can cause the yeast in the dough to activate and rise faster than it would in a dough containing just wheat.

2. Potato buns are light and airy.

There are few things worse than a dense and compact piece of bread. If you are hoping to avoid this dilemma the next time you bake, then it can be beneficial to make a batch of potato buns.

As you boil the potatoes that you will put into the dough, the starch molecules in the potatoes enlarge. These enlarged starch molecules make it very difficult for the proteins found in the flour you add to your bread recipe to form gluten. Since it is gluten that can cause breads to become too heavy, potato buns are light and airy.

3. Potato buns have a long shelf-life.

Baking any type of bread is a time consuming process, so it can be beneficial to make a large batch. Unfortunately, some conventional bread products can begin to go stale before you have a chance to eat them.

Potato buns boast a long shelf-life, allowing you the time you need to eat all the bread you bake. The starch molecules in the potatoes have the ability to prevent wheat starches from getting stale, allowing your potato buns to stay fresh on the shelf for a longer period of time.

When you understand the benefits that using potatoes in your bread recipes can provide, it's easy to see why potato buns could be your new go-to bread product.