Benefits Of Box Lunch Catering

Sometimes, the only time you can schedule a meeting when everyone can attend is during a meal break. When this happens, you should provide some type of meal for everyone. While you are discussing things, people can be eating. The problem is, what to serve. You could have a catering company bring in a buffet style meal so people can choose what they want to eat, but there is an even better option. Contact a company that offers box lunch catering. Here are a few  reasons this option is better than the alternatives:


If you have a buffet-style meal, people will be up and wandering back to the food table to grab different items. When each person has a box lunch, they will not be thinking about going back for a second or third portion from the buffet because they can just smell it over there. You can have the boxes created with as much food as your employees will eat, but it will be right in front of them the whole time.

Ease and Speed

Instead of having to wait for everyone to get their plates and get back to the conference table, a box lunch is ready for them. Everyone can walk into the room and go right to their seat. Arrange to have the boxes delivered and placed where they need to be just before the meeting is scheduled and things can get started right away. You won't have to waste any time as people can just start eating.

Food Options

A nice touch to box lunches is the ability to choose what goes in each box. You can provide the attendees with the menu options the day before the meeting so they can pick and choose what they want to eat. Regardless of anyone's dietary choices or restrictions, everyone will get exactly what they want. People  may even be able to make special requests if something isn't quite allowed on their diet.

Fast, freshly-made meals are available with every box lunch ordered. You decide what everyone wants and when you need it to be delivered. A box lunch catering company will do the rest. You will be able to have the meeting you need and your employees will not have to miss their lunch. In addition, the fact that you took the time to arrange for the meal will go a long way with your staff.