Critical Features For A Commercial-Grade Vegetable Crisper

Any restaurant that handles a large volume of vegetables each day needs to have a plan for storing the vegetables before they're processed. While there are lots of different options available from restaurant equipment suppliers, a good product to buy is a commercial-grade vegetable crisper. This device often looks like a large plastic garbage can but is made of food-grade plastic. It's available in many sizes, so you can choose a size that will suit the volume of vegetables you plan to handle each day at your restaurant. In some cases, you may even want two or more of these crispers. When you shop for a commercial crisper, here are some features that you'll want.


An empty commercial vegetable crisper isn't overly heavy, but the weight will dramatically increase once you fill it with vegetables — particularly those that are dense and heavy. It would be challenging for a kitchen staff member to carry a full vegetable crisper around the kitchen, so it's important to choose a model that is equipped with wheels. You'll see a lot of crispers that have multiple caster wheels beneath the bottom of the device, which will make it easy to move from your walk-in refrigerator to wherever your staff is processing the veggies.


It's common to wash your vegetables while they're in the crisper. Doing so will ensure that when your kitchen staff retrieves vegetables from this bin, they're ready for use. You don't want to fill the crisper with water and then have to attempt to dump it out later on. Instead, it's important for the crisper to have a spigot located at the bottom. When the crisper is full of water, someone can position the spigot over a floor drain — or even outdoors, depending on your kitchen — and open the spigot to allow the water to drain out.

Snug-Fitting Lid

You can expect that any commercial vegetable crisper you buy will have a lid, but it's important to choose a product that has a lid that fits snugly. If the lid is loose, excess air can get into the bin and cause certain vegetables to begin wilting. A snug-fitting lid will prevent this from happening, which will ensure that your restaurant's veggies remain in good condition until you need them. A snug-fitting lid will also ensure that if you accidentally spill something on top of the lid, it won't seep down into the bin. Learn more about commercial-grade vegetable crispers by contacting a restaurant equipment supply store.