Important Attributes Of A Commercial French Fry Cutter

French fries are a popular menu item at all sorts of eateries, including steakhouses, family restaurants, and food trucks. If you're opening an establishment and you expect that you'll sell a lot of fries, you'll need the right equipment. While it's true that a kitchen staff member can cut potatoes into fries by hand, they'll be able to prepare this fare much quicker, easier, and safer with a commercial French fry cutter. Browse these devices at your restaurant equipment retailer so that you can buy the right one for your commercial kitchen. Your fry cutter should have these specific attributes.

Suction Cup Feet

You'll want to choose a fry cutter that has suction cup feet, as this feature will be instrumental in keeping the device in a stationary position while your kitchen staff members use it. Without these feet, the fry cutter could slide around and be difficult to use. Commercial kitchens commonly have stainless steel countertops, which will provide a base that suction cups can strongly adhere to. This device's portable nature means that your staff can use it in different areas of the kitchen, and the suction cup feet will allow them to always secure it to the countertop before use.

Cast Iron Frame

A lot of commercial fry cutters have a cast iron frame, and while this makes them heavy to lift, it also helps them to stand up to frequent use in your kitchen. A fry cutter made from a lighter material might be at risk of breaking, especially at the base of the handle. Having a broken fry cutter could be a serious concern, potentially prompting your kitchen staff to scramble to cut potatoes by hand. When you choose a cutter that is cast iron, you can be confident that it will stay intact and operational indefinitely.

Multiple Blades

Some commercial fry cutters come with a number of different blades, allowing your kitchen staff to produce fries with different diameters. This is an ideal attribute for this device, given that you may want to serve different sizes of fries with certain meals. For example, thicker-cut fries can often be a good match for steaks, while people may enjoy thinner-cut fries with burgers and sandwiches. When you shop for a fry cutter that comes with multiple blades, you'll want to see how quick and easy it is to change from one blade to another.

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