Tips For New Users Of Coffee Pods

If you have been using a traditional drip coffee maker for most of your life, switching to a pod-style coffee maker is going to come with a bit of a learning curve. There are so many advantages to this type of coffee maker — you can make one cup of coffee at a time, and there's almost zero mess. Follow the tips below to fully embrace the wonders of coffee pods as someone new to this style of coffee making.

Don't buy too many pods at once.

You might see big boxes of 200 pods and figure you'll save money by buying in bulk. But unless you have a big family and everyone drinks coffee every day, you're best off leaving these big bulk packs for restaurants and offices. Even though the coffee is in a plastic pod, it does slowly go stale. You don't really want to buy more pods than you'll use within one to two months. 

Look for variety packs.

One of the wonderful things about coffee pods is that everyone can make their own favorite coffee. But to offer guests and family members this option, you actually have to have different types of coffee on-hand. Look for variety packs, of k cups for example, which allow you to have a few of several different types of coffee without a large quantity going stale.

Remove the pods from the machine immediately after using.

After you make a cup of coffee, remove and throw away the pod rather than waiting to toss it the next time you make the machine. The coffee maker has a sharp little tool that pokes into the top of the coffee pod, and it can get a little dirty and worn sitting in a used coffee pod for hours or days. Your machine will last longer if you remove the pods right after brewing.

Reuse the pod for a weaker, larger cup.

Coffee drinkers who like their beverages on the weaker side may find that even the weakest setting on the coffee maker is too strong for them. The easiest solution to this is to use a big mug. Then, brew the coffee on the largest/weakest setting before doing it again on the smallest/strongest setting — using the same pod both times. The result will be a bigger, weaker cup of coffee.

With the simple tips above, you'll be appreciating the many advantages of coffee pods in no time.