Catering Ideas for a Grand Opening Event

Whether you are opening the doors to your business for the first time or cutting the ribbon for a new location, catering your grand opening event can be a great way to welcome visitors, staff, and new customers. Here are a few catering ideas you can use to make your grand opening even more exciting.

Snack Stations

Instead of setting up buffet tables and large seating areas, consider setting up small snacking stations throughout your building. These can be simple pub-height tables filled with one type of hors d'oeuvres, or it can consist of mini buffet tables filled with small plates and an assortment of appetizers. Each station should have different foods to keep things more interesting. With different offerings throughout your building, guests can explore your business while seeking out new and delicious foods. Some options to consider might include bacon-wrapped scallops, mini shrimp cocktails, vegetable roll-ups, and slider sandwiches. 

DIY Dessert Bar

One way to encourage people to linger and have fun is to create a do-it-yourself (DIY) dessert bar. This might include ice cream and various toppings so people can create their own sundaes, or it might involve an assortment of candies guests can bag for themselves and take home. You can also have your caterer create a menu of mini cakes and pies so people can create their own dreamy dessert plates. Be sure to have dessert-friendly beverages located near the dessert bar, such as cold milk, hot coffee, and tea.

Craft Cocktail Demonstrations

You can add an interactive component to your catering service by having a craft cocktail demonstration area. Work with your caterer to select a few craft cocktails, and have the bartender demonstrate how the drinks are made. Guests can be invited to mix, garnish, and sample these beverages. When choosing your craft cocktails, be sure to select one non-alcoholic beverage so everyone in attendance can participate. In addition to the craft cocktails, you may also want to have a regular bar area set up where guests can order their favorite drinks.

Treat Bags

You may already be planning to hand out gift bags to your attendees, but don't forget to use your catering service to make these bags more special. You can contract with your caterer to create cookies or cupcakes with your company's logo on them, which can be added to each bag. Your guests will get a delicious reminder of your business with every bite they take of these scrumptious snacks.

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