Tips For Planning A Coffee Bar Party This Holiday Season

With the holidays approaching, seasonal parties will soon be in full swing. If you've been thinking about hosting a holiday gathering this year, you can make your party the talk of the neighborhood when you offer a coffee bar presented with a seasonal theme. Don't let the idea overwhelm you if you're not particularly creative. It's far easier than you think to make a coffee bar that will bring the festivities to life. Here are some tips to get you started.

Invest In Ceramic Carafes

Heavy ceramic carafes will absorb heat from the coffee, keeping it warm for longer than if you just placed it out in the glass carafes that come with your coffee pot. If you place them in a low temperature oven for twenty minutes or so before you fill them, then use insulators on the carafe handles, that can extend the time even further, letting the party go on without you having to stop to heat things up. You can make a few pre-mixed seasonal flavors or specialty coffees to present in the carafes and then consider some individual stations for make-your-own coffees.

Stock Up On Seasonal Spices

Things like nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and clove are all popular flavors for the holidays. You can make spice bags for coffee cups by using coffee filters or small pieces of cheesecloth. You can even place the spices out for your guests to create their own.

Another thing to consider is offering other popular seasonal flavors. Some of the things that can be easily overlooked include flavors such as peppermint, chocolate, hazelnut, and vanilla. Those flavors are also often associated with holiday baking and treats, so create an all-encompassing coffee bar when you provide extracts or other flavorings for these.

Simplify Things With Single-Cup Brews

It can be hard to predict the demand of your guests when it comes to coffee and other treats. That can leave you having to make more pots of coffee throughout the party, which can be time-consuming. Instead of trying to keep up and serve everyone from coffee pots, consider investing in a couple of single-cup brewers and some Keurig K-Cups or other coffee pods. When you provide the coffee in these types of containers, each guest can brew a cup as they want, eliminating the possibility of running out or of having far too much brewed.

You can even find seasonal flavors of coffee in the K-Cups, which can help to simplify your coffee bar. It will allow you to offer more varieties of flavors, while still being able to get traditional coffee for those who want to flavor their own.

Round It Out With The Right Treats

If you're hosting a coffee bar party, it's important that the food you offer fits the theme. Parties like these are best complemented by a banquet table of pastries, pie, cookies, and candies. You can make things like pumpkin danishes, gingerbread cupcakes, and homemade fudge. The sweets will pair well with the coffee and still provide your guests with something enjoyable to snack on.

If you want to offer some choices that have a lower sugar content, you can also make some crepes and provide spreads like hazelnut spread, peanut butter, seasoned pumpkin, and fruit purees. Then, include sifters with lightly sweetened cocoa powder and powdered sugar as well as some whipped cream. That way, guests can choose just how sweet they want their snacks, ensuring that everyone is happy.

Don't let the idea of hosting a themed party intimidate you. With tips like these, you can create an unforgettable coffee bar party for your friends this holiday season. For more information, contact companies like 11th Street Coffee.